Seminar: A Historical Review of Writing/Scripts in the World & Iranian/Persian/Islamic Calligraphy

Saturday August 10, 2019; 6:30 to 9:30 PM

Lotus Cafe and Gallery, 10321, 124 Street NW, Edmonton, T5N 1R1 (info@lotus-gallery.com; 587-409-8150) 

Every attendee will receive a piece of Persian Calligraphy with the wordings of their choice!


6:30 - 7:00 PM - Admission and Socialization

7:00 - 7:45 PM - Part 1: A Historical Review of Writing and Scripts in the World

7:45- 8:15 PM - Break, Socialization and Calligraphy Sample Viewing

8:15 - 9:00 PM - Part 2: A Historical Review of Scripts and Calligraphy in Iran and the Muslim World

9:00 - 9:30 PM - Socialization and (optional) Supper


This is a slide presentation on the history of writing and scripts in the world and Calligraphy in Iran (and the Muslim World). Although the topic is on writing, several other aspects of humanities (such as language, history, religion and politics as they relate to writing and scripts) are discussed. Examples of such topics include:

·         How human started to write and how writing evolved into the present state. Several regions will be covered, such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and China.

·         What the main forces or inventions for such evolutions were

·         Are there any relationships among the eastern (such as Chinese), middle-eastern (such as Arabic) and western (such as Roman) languages, alphabets and scripts?

·         What the Iranian language(s) and script(s) were before Islam and how they relate to Arabic

·         What the main styles of writing/calligraphy are in the Middle East (i.e. the Muslim World) and how they evolved


$10 general; $7 for students 



1.       You can purchase your tickets by interac e-transfer to Mithra Arts Institute (info@mithra-arts.com) or in person at the Lotus Cafe and Gallery.

2.       The gallery offers a limited space (about 40 seats). Please buy your tickets as soon as you can.

3.       Beverage, snack and meal can be purchased from the cafe (i.e. not included).

4.       With every ticket purchased a small calligraphy work in "nast'aliq" with wordings of your choice (1 to 3 words; e.g. your name or a short phrase/motto) for a value of $10-$15 is included. Please order in advance to pick up at the venue.

Parking:  limited free parking space is available on the street and behind the building. Paid parking is conveniently adjacent to the building.